Tungsten carbide punch pins

Tungsten carbide punch pins Picture

Tungsten carbide punch pins are more slender and each punch pins is produced to the highs of critical tolerance for maximum tool life while accuracy and repeatability in production ensures that each punch pins offer predictable performance. These tungsten carbide punch pins are best examples of durability, sturdiness, long service life and corrosion resistance. Renowned for its tensile strength, they come in wide variety of grades and sizes. Well able to withstand any quality testing, these are in high demand in international market.

Our superiority of tungsten carbide punch pins:
1 Abrasion resistance;
2 High tensile stength;
3 Rational hole-shape designing;
4 High quality and comepetive price;
5 Consistent quality contro;l
6 Quick delivery times;
7 Excellent customer supports;
8 Made-to-order services available;
9 Assured interchangeability;
10 Various material choices.